The memorial

Mémorial de Montormel ©Tourisme 61

Between Chambois and Vimoutiers, in the exact location where the Memorial is situated today, the ultimate and most bitter battle of Normandy took place, from August 18th to 22nd, 1944. Montgomery called it “the beginning of the end of the war”.

A witness of the efforts of four allied nations to fight a common enemy, the Memorial of Montormel proposes an unforgettable experience of the battle of Normandy. Its discovering constitutes a unique emotional and historical experience.


The battle

History : from operation Cobra to the German retreat on the Seine, with a focus on the onslaught of the Dives river valley and the slopes of hill 262, discover the strategic importance of the battle of the Falaise pocket;

Units : 9 allied divisions took part in the surrounding of the German armies in the Falaise pocket, and about thirty others participated in the battle of Normandy – discover here the main features of their stories, origins, and various motivations to fight a common enemy;

Highlights : enlarge or deepen your knowledge on topics related to the battle of the Falaise pocket! Regularly updated, we propose here a series of articles which enlighten different the struggle of summer 1944.