“Mystère à Mont-Ormel” (Mysteries at Mont-Ormel) App

The “Mystères à La Roche d’Oëtre” (The Mysteries at the Rock of Oëtre) app is changing its name to become “Les Mystères de l’Orne” (The Mysteries of the Orne). The Roche d’Oëtre tour now coexists with the brand new tour: “Mystères à Mont-Ormel” (Mysteries at Mont-Ormel).  At the heart of the tour: a fun and immersive discovery of the history and biodiversity of the Sensitive Natural Area of the Battle of Normandy Historic Hillsides.

Promoting historical heritage to families

After Orlith the Lizard, follow Colurio, a Mont-Ormel shrike, on a bird’s-eye tour. This bird promotes natural, cultural and historical heritage to young and old alike.

You can randomly select 9 points of interest placed on a map. They outline a site that was the scene of a terrible battle during the Second World War.

After the challenges, audio and video excerpts provide additional information.

An app like no other: a tool for raising awareness of biodiversity

To better understand the challenges of the natural environment along this walk, Colurio marks the tour with riddles in the form of match-up games, drag-and-drop games, scratch games, photospheres, and 3D augmented reality.

Discover the natural wealth of the Orne region!

Download the free app. Once you’ve downloaded the content, you don’t need an Internet connection to play, but you do need to be on site to carry out the investigation!